Private Provider

In 2011, Tew and Taylor diversified services to include those for alternative plans review and inspection (Private Provider) pursuant to Florida Statute 553.791. Since that time, we have provided over 100 clients, both commercial and residential, with Private Provider plan review and building inspection services – thereby resulting in significant time and cost savings to our clients (the fee owner, developer, and building contractor).

As a result of Florida Statute 553.791, our qualified and multi-licensed plan reviewers and building inspectors provide our clients with the building inspection services in lieu of the local jurisdiction's building department. In many instances, inspections performed by the local jurisdiction may take days to occur and cause subsequent construction delays and increased construction cost to the property owner or developer.We can customize an inspection schedule to meet your particular job needs. Performing partial inspections, room by room if desired, and our ability to perform multiple inspections daily allows your work to proceed at a pace impossible using the local jurisdiction inspectors.

Serving our clients in the capacity of Private Provider, our team of building inspectors work in close coordination with the building contractor and provide the building inspections on a daily and immediate basis. Eliminating delays in the building inspection process keeps your project moving on time and on target, saving time and cost until you obtain your Building Permit Certificates of Occupancy and/or Completion.

Our Building Inspection Team also includes multi-licensed building inspectors resulting in additional cost savings to our Clients. Since many of our Inspectors are certified and licensed in multiplebuilding trades including building, mechanical, electrical, gas and plumbing, we are able to conduct multiple inspections at one time - as opposed to severalone trade inspections being conducted by the local jurisdiction's Building Department. We can also perform partial inspections, allowing drywall to proceed one room at a time if desired. As a result, substantial time and cost savings are a benefit of our Private Provider services.

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