Welcome to Tew&Taylor

Tew and Taylor, Inc. is a rapidly growing private building inspection, plan review and governmental services consulting firm headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida. We are dedicated to providing our clients with expedited services related to development entitlement approvals (planning, zoning, and architectural review) and construction plan review and building inspection service in lieu of a local jurisdiction's Building Department and building inspection staff.

Our experience has proven time and again the benefits to our clients, whether they be a property owner, owner's representative, contractor, or developer. The timeliness of our services in expediting construction schedules and minimizing time consuming and costly construction plan revisions and delays in a local jurisdiction's inspection service can save months of construction time and provide considerable cost savings.

Our Firm's principals have a combined 75 years of experience providing development and construction related services both as local government officials and as consultants in the private sector throughout the State of Florida and Mid-Atlantic region.



Due to overwhelming demand on local building departments to provide fast and timely Construction Plan Review and Building Inspection service, the State of Florida adopted Florida Statute 553.791 on October 1,2002. This law allows the property owner and/or the building contractor to utilize the services of a third party agent, "Private Provider", for provision of plan review and inspection services in lieu of the local building department – thereby saving both time and money in moving your construction project forward, without the delays associated with local building department inspections and scheduling. Tew and Taylor can design a custom inspection program to meet your job schedule and can perform partial inspections and multiple inspections daily upon request.


Part of any pre-construction planning program is the due diligence involved in ensuring that your construction plans meet the local jurisdictions adopted Land Development Regulations. These regulations may include building footprint setbacks, floor areas ratios, height requirements, landscaping, architectural features, and so forth. As part of your pre-construction plan development, we're here to also assist in that effort to ensure that your construction program not only meets Building Code requirements, but the other local development requirements and regulations as well. READ MORE